I couldn’t recommend Dominick more highly to anyone thinking of engaging a personal trainer. He’s extremely competent, absolutely reliable and very thorough. Within a couple of months, I’ve gone down a few dress sizes, gained tone, strength and fitness, and feel so much more confident and energetic now than I did before I started. Thanks Dom! Pros: Competent, Reliable, And Thorough.
Great Trainer

Dominick is an excellent personal trainer. First and foremost, he is extremely personable and down to earth thereby creating a very comfortable atmosphere for you to train and work out. He is also is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job of tailoring a training program to meet your particular needs. It is also worth noting that he is very reliable ( I have used other trainers before him that missed appointments, did not email when they said they would or nor showed up late-never with Dominick). Finally, he is very positive and encouraging providing you with the support needed to reach your goals. Basically, I only have positive things to say and would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone.

- Mcwelby

Dom setup a training program customized to my goals. He is constantly modifying it so it is challenging and productive. He is very flexible with his schedule and he is result oriented. Dom has taken my fitness to another level.

- Cavan

Dom setup a training program customized to my goals. He is constantly modifying it so it is challenging and productive. He is very flexible with his schedule and he is result oriented. Dom has taken my fitness to another level.

- Cavan

A no BS, Inelligent Trainer:

Dom is 0% B.S, 100% results…. This guy is not same actor wannabe who does this on the side, he is serious – dead serious – about personal fitness. I came to him, like many career-focused New Yorkers in their late 20s, having gotten away from a regular fitness routine and having never paid enough attention to diet. Problem was my energy level was waning and I felt lousy ( and – horrots – was starting to show my “age”). No more…. Dom has worked hard to nag me into eating better – smarter, really – while putting me through workouts that take every advantage of my new found energy. The work-outs are intelligent ( like Dom) and enjoyable, and, thus, the results are outstanding. He’s also a fantastic guy.


Overall Fitness:

Dom is a great guy as well as a great trainer. He is on time, has a smile, and is ready to work. He will not waste your time, and he will not waste your money. I have noticed significant improvement in my physique as well as my overall fitness level. I am running significantly faster than I was before. Dom will cut to the chase with your workout routine, eating habits, and fitness level. There is no doubt you will see and feel results. I always enjoy our workouts because he is very positive, even when I swear at him. His goal is to get you to yours. I truly never thought I could be a runner, or even enjoy working out, but I honestly am such a better runner and do enjoy working out and incorporating all types of activity into my life, thanks to Dom. Worth it! – Pros: Motivating, Educational, Fun.


The Perfect Trainer:

It’s a great relief to have finally found the perfect trainer. Dominick is knowledgeable, experiences and very organized. He keeps track of your progress so you don’t have to but you’ll see the results in the mirror. With his help, my husband and I are transforming out bodies. Dominick works with both of us, focusing on our individual goals with fabulous results. Unlike other trainers, Dominick is constantly changing the routine so that you never get bored. There is no slacking off – somehow he knows your capabilities, even if you don’t, and makes sure that each session you exceed them.


Simply Amazing:

I’ve been working with Dom for a few months and couldn’t be happier. He makes the workouts convenient, which is crucial for my busy schedule. He is ALWAYS on time and is ready to start the minute he walks in the door. He’s also extremely knowledgeable about the body and nutrition in general, which is a great bonus. I would definitely recommend him 100% to anyone at any fitness level. -Pros: Friendly, Accommodating, And Knowledgeable.

- Mark Maimon

Incredible Trainer:

I have been working with Dominick for over four years. I first met Dominick at SportsClub LA; withing six months of working together, he had transformed my physique from slim and flabby to long and lean. Dominick tailors the training program to help me achieve the fitness goals and physical look that I want; my other trainers seemed to employ a standard program, causing me to develop bulky muscles. Dominick is extremely knowledgeable and he uses his educational background (Masters) and practical experience to great advantage. I have yet to meet a trainer as attentive, thorough and accommodating as Dominick. He also is great fun! -Pros: Professional, Knowledgeable, and Honest.

–Jacqueline Tran

Dom is a no-nonsense guy who helps you achieve YOUR goals. He has motivated me to improve my diet and make an effort on the days we aren’t training together. I am getting over a back injury and I felt totally confident that Dom knew what he was doing to push me forward and not re-injure myself! He’s FAR better than the trainers who are on staff at clubs…it’s well worth your time to check out.

- Computerchick4

After working with many trainers, I have stuck with Dom to get me through the demanding physical rigor that law enforcement demands. He combines his personal experience, advanced education and amiable personality to provide the highest quality training. He offers thorough workout plans, monitors my food intake, provides current fitness and health research and suggests nutritional supplements specific for my fitness goals. Consequently, I am much stronger, have higher endurance levels and have developed an increased confidence in my appearance and ability to reach my fitness objectives. Dom has done an incredible job of achieving the highest results possible in the shortest amount of time. In just 3 months of training, my physical fitness capabilities have improved dramatically. His commitment and motivational capability is unsurpassed and he will get you where you want to be. He is the best. An excellent trainer in every way!

- Lily