“I have been training with Domnick for six months, I am stronger, more flexible and more fit, Domnick is very professional”
–Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner

Contact me now. My rates are reasonable and the first 2 sessions are free. After the first two complimentary sessions, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I can be reached at:
Phone: 917.509.4479

I am a personal trainer in New York City with a proven track record for success. I rely on experience ( 10 years of personal training ), education ( BS Exercise Science, M.Ed Health ) and my own personal pursuit of fitness ( former college athlete, karate black-belt, 17 years of weight training experience ) to ensure my clients get the results they are looking for.

I will not waste your time with training fads or gimmicks. I am not an actor, model or philosopher. I am a professional trainer certified by the NSCA as a Stregth and conditioning Specialist. This is the only nationally accredited certification and is the “gold standard in the industry.

I will design your workouts to ensure all goals are reached in a timely and efficient manner. have trined athletes , housewives, executives, models and children . I can build and define musde, decrease body fat , increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular efficiently and increase strength and power. Just ask and you shall receive.